•anna + kolby

All weddings are beautiful, but there’s just something about an outdoor gathering.  Set against the backdrop of a picturesque historical farm site, Anna + Kolby danced into the night.  The day was filled with family, fun, vintage elements and love.  When I first met with Anna and her mother, Kimm, I knew they wanted the day to be unique, with personality and character.  Antique furniture, buffet tables, window panes and doors.  A cake to “die for” (it was even delivered in a shiny delivery hearse), a great aunt’s corn recipe, and mason jar toasts made the evening perfect.  Thank you to Anna + Kolby for sharing your beautiful day of love and family with me.IMG_0208_3IMG_0195_bw2IMG_0222_2IMG_6587_2 IMG_6250_bwIMG_6296_bwIMG_6113 IMG_6238_bwIMG_6467_2IMG_6499_2IMG_6579_bwIMG_6448_3IMG_6421_bw2IMG_6344_2IMG_6120_2IMG_6164_2IMG_6134_3IMG_6845IMG_6121_2IMG_6558IMG_0063_bwIMG_9959_2IMG_0027_bwIMG_0087_bwIMG_0148IMG_0168_2IMG_0241_3IMG_6854_2IMG_6780_bwIMG_6732_2IMG_6764_bwIMG_6712_2IMG_6601_2IMG_0290IMG_0282_2IMG_0274IMG_0501_bwCome back soon to see Anna + Kolby’s photobooth shots!  So much fun!!

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