•the naiman family

When I was contacted by my friend Regina to photograph her extended family, I smiled.  I absolutely love to work with grandparents!  The unmistakable look between two people who have loved one another for so long is always fabulous to see.  The Naiman family did not disappoint!  I was blessed to work with them and I am honored to have been a part of these moments.  Time and life move beyond our control, so being able to slow down and capture life is why I am a photographer.  So often we take our families for granted.  We take time for granted.  And we assume we’ll always have tomorrow.  I don’t care who is behind the camera, but my hope is that every family asks someone to photograph them – to capture their love like the Naiman family did on a warm fall morning.

IMG_2625_3 IMG_2598_bw2IMG_2565_3IMG_2630_bw2IMG_2747_bwIMG_2708_3IMG_2703_4IMG_2684_2IMG_2743_3IMG_2681_bwIMG_2671_3IMG_2664_3IMG_2617_3IMG_2643_2IMG_2581_3If you like what you see, please leave some love on my Facebook page!


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