•josh + janet \\ the wedding

Just like every couple has an individual style, every wedding has a unique personality.  Josh + Janet’s wedding was a lighthearted day filled with family, laughter, and fun!  From the morning prep and bridesmaids playing hangman, to the evening reception and a polka band – every moment was a joy!  Working with such a fun couple (and wedding party) truly makes my job a breeze.  Thank you to Josh + Janet for allowing me to photograph your amazing day!IMG_3331_2IMG_3056_bw IMG_2884_bw IMG_2965_bw IMG_2893_bwIMG_2887_bw IMG_2889_bwIMG_2955_bwIMG_2938_bwIMG_2928_bwIMG_2977_bwIMG_2937_bwIMG_3000_3IMG_3049_bwIMG_3034IMG_3146_bwIMG_3121IMG_3107_2IMG_3725_bw2IMG_3704_3IMG_3678_2IMG_3669_2IMG_3665_2IMG_3648_2IMG_3471_bwIMG_3516_3IMG_3598_bwIMG_3358_3IMG_3347_3IMG_3311_3IMG_3323_2IMG_3306_bwIMG_3628_3IMG_4069IMG_3913IMG_3973_bwIf you like what you see, please leave some love on my Facebook page!


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