•adicen + nate \\ just because

I love to hear how people came to find me and end up booking sessions.  Often times it’s a friend of a friend.  Sometimes people find me via social media like Facebook.  And randomly, it’s through an internet search engine.  I love to hear it when people have been a fan of my page for a long time and then I finally get to meet them! Meeting new people is one of the joys I find in doing this.  Adicen + Nate are new friends of mine – and they are such a super-cute couple.  I adore young couples who want to take photos – not because they’re getting married, not because they have a distinct reason, but because they want to capture this moment in their lives!

IMG_4270_bwIMG_4294_4IMG_4394_3IMG_4355_3IMG_4304_bw IMG_4297_3IMG_4308_3IMG_4287_2 IMG_4280_2IMG_4427_bwIMG_4278_3IMG_4334_bwIMG_4377_bwIf you like what you see, please leave some love on my Facebook page!


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