•allison \\ mccool class of 2015

Due to my growing belly and the upcoming birth of our fourth child, this summer was one of very limited senior sessions for me.  That’s why when Allison’s mom called, I was thrilled that they wanted a fall session.  Fall has to be my absolute favorite season for so many reasons.  On the top of that list – gorgeous colors!  I was also excited because I knew an October session would allow me more flexibility while shooting…literally.  As a bonus, I’ve been dying to shoot with this awesome truck!  I drive by it every day (twice a day) and I knew a perfect session would come along when I’d get to use it.  Thanks to Allison for being such a naturally beautiful subject!

IMG_4780_2IMG_4932_2IMG_4744_bwIMG_4912IMG_4856_bwIMG_4887_2IMG_4958_3IMG_4719_bwIMG_4799IMG_4793_2IMG_4994_2IMG_4695_3IMG_5017_2IMG_4895_2IMG_4716_2IMG_4691_2IMG_4703_2If you like what you see, please leave some love on my Facebook page!


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