•the mccaulla family

There are so many beautiful places in Nebraska, especially in the fall.  Recently I had the chance to travel to the Plattsmouth area to work with the McCaulla family – it was such a gorgeous shoot, on a beautiful fall day, with an awesome group!  I couldn’t have asked for a better family to work with.  From the oldest to the youngest, everybody was smiling and it made my job a breeze!  Thanks again for allowing me to work with you all!!

IMG_5475_2 IMG_5462_3IMG_5495_3IMG_5486_2IMG_5538IMG_5533_2IMG_5525_2IMG_5517_2IMG_5793_2IMG_5624_3IMG_5691_2IMG_5676_2IMG_5650_bwIMG_5644_2IMG_5642_2IMG_5585_2IMG_5582_2IMG_5605IMG_5591_3IMG_5701_2IMG_5699_2IMG_5749_2IMG_5770_3IMG_5768IMG_5766IMG_5707_2IMG_5733_2If you like what you see, please leave some love on my Facebook page!  Also, if you borrow any of these photos for Facebook, please give me credit in the caption or by tagging Calico Creek Photography!


2 thoughts on “•the mccaulla family

  1. I’m so glad I suggested Dani to my family and she was willing to make the 2 hour treck to Plattsmouth. The pics are beautiful. I’m so excited to see all the people I love together in a forever picture. Thanks Dani…your Amazing!

  2. Breathtakingly beautiful. Dani, thank you so much for spending your Sunday afternoon with us and driving for 4 hours! You are amazing and I am so glad that we found you!

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