•ally+rodney // the wedding

There once was a young girl I knew who worked at the local Pizza Hut with my little sister, we called her Tink.  She was quirky and energetic and full of life.  That rambunctious teenager has turned into a gorgeous woman, wonderful mother, and vivaciously strong individual.  I recently had the honor of being a part of her special day.  Last weekend Ally+Rod walked down the aisle in a small church located at Wessel’s Living History Farm near York.  The deep colors of peacock feathers adorned the girls and the decor.  The day was a breathtaking mix of joy and emotion.  The presence–both stinging and comforting–of a lost father could be felt at every moment.  I’ve never cried at a wedding before Ally+Rod’s.  I’ve never had tears streaming down my cheeks behind the camera until this one.  Their day was as perfect as it could be and I am so thankful they chose me…IMG_6805_2IMG_7029_bwIMG_7139_2IMG_6037_bwIMG_6027_bwIMG_6147_bwIMG_6102_bwIMG_6204_2IMG_6230_2IMG_6283_bwIMG_6166_2*IMG_6169_bwIMG_6053_2IMG_6427_2IMG_6445_bwIMG_6643_3IMG_6547_bwIMG_6563_bw2IMG_6856_2IMG_6606_2IMG_6583_2IMG_6392_2IMG_6579_bwIMG_6685_2IMG_6673_2IMG_6658_2IMG_6700_bwIMG_6717_2IMG_6727_2IMG_6494_2IMG_6490_2IMG_7209_2IMG_7169_BWIMG_6965_2IMG_6959_2IMG_6946_2IMG_7075_2IMG_7076_2IMG_7062_2IMG_7046_2IMG_7544_bwIMG_7559_bwIMG_7366IMG_7685IMG_6129IMG_7611If you like what you see, please leave some love on my Facebook page.

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