•the roberts family

Sometimes there’s just no way around it…a kid has a bad day.  Regardless of any tears or avoidance of my camera, it’s my job to capture every little person’s personality and every family’s love.  Yes, children can be a challenge, but they keep my work fresh and fun and in many ways, I enjoy the challenge!  I know that kids who don’t always want their photo taken stress parents out FAR more than me.  In fact, it’s a bit refreshing from my perspective to know that everyone’s family is normal, and everyone’s kids have rough moments just like mine do!  My time with the Roberts family may have been a bit stressful from time to time for mom and dad, but to me it was just another opportunity to capture absolute cuteness!

IMG_8219_2IMG_8226_bwIMG_8150_2IMG_8113_2IMG_8158_bwIMG_8248_2 IMG_8238_2IMG_8142_2If you like what you see, please leave some love on my Facebook page!

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