•maxon \\ at one month

Sometimes life changes our plans.  Sometimes all we can do is pray and believe.  Sometimes a sweet baby faces an uphill climb from his first breath.  That was the story of sweet baby Maxon.  As his mama and daddy awaited his arrival, little did they know that all of their plans were about to change.  Little did they know that their precious baby would need heart surgery and time in the NICU.  And little did they know just how strong a newborn could be!

Needless to say, our newborn session came just a little later than planned.  But with a perfectly healing scar and gorgeously coiffed hair, Mr. Maxon was finally ready for his session at a month old.  He was wide awake and his bright eyes shined.  Thanks to Libby+Jake for allowing me to be part of another chapter in your story!  I’ve known you for a very long time (forever?) and I know that little Maxon has two wonderful, caring and strong parents!

IMG_8715_3IMG_8744_bwIMG_8811_bwIMG_8691_2 IMG_8688_bwIMG_8817_bwIMG_8826IMG_8676 IMG_8654_bw IMG_8652IMG_8587IMG_8773_bwIMG_8851_bwIMG_8801_bwIMG_8641_2IMG_8677_bwIf you like what you see, please leave some love on my Facebook page!

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