•connie+doug // the wedding

On the last beautiful day of the year before winter’s bitter cold arrived, connie+doug wed at Wessel’s Living History Farm.  It was a gorgeous day – a gorgeous couple, a gorgeous family, and a gorgeous service.  A small group of family and close friends gathered to witness this couple’s second chance at love. What moved me the most was watching connie+doug’s children during the ceremony.  The smiled and wiped tears from their eyes as the couple exchanged vows.  All weddings are about love, but this one felt like a true celebration of family, love and everything life has to offer!

IMG_8974_bw IMG_8967IMG_9002IMG_8996_bwIMG_9025 IMG_9016_bwIMG_8940IMG_8963IMG_8956IMG_8950IMG_9026IMG_8942_bwIMG_8915IMG_9087IMG_9033IMG_9044_bwIMG_8979IMG_8896IMG_8984IMG_8925IMG_9206IMG_9254_bwIMG_9321IMG_9309_bwIMG_9381**IMG_9447_bwIMG_9471IMG_9482IMG_9491IMG_9524IMG_9503_bwIMG_9543IMG_9547IMG_9550IMG_9063

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