meet dani

I want to capture time and laughter in an image.

a little about me…

meI was born and raised on a farm near Henderson, Nebraska.  Agriculture and being a “farm girl” greatly influenced who I am today.  My favorite season has always been fall – cooler weather, football and harvest. I grew up showing sheep, riding horses, roguing beans, using my imagination for entertainment, hauling pipe, riding the bus to school, and spending countless evenings shooting hoops in the drive with my dad and brother.

My family is the most important part of who I am. I am the mother of four — Cameron, 17; Rheagan, 13; Kinsleigh, 11; and Ayden, 3.  My children are what inspired this business, though I’ve considered myself a photographer since the 8th grade.  In middle school and high school I was an active photographer and competitor – especially in regional competitions and 4-H.  While in high school I fell in love with the darkroom and that love continued in college.  I took as many photography courses as I could, and I spent countless hours in the darkroom – often losing track of time completely.02-DSC_0245

In my real life I am a high school English teacher and theatre director.  I have always been a creative soul, so both my career and business help to satisfy that part of me.  I believe life is about personality, positivity and living it to the fullest.  My goal is for my photography to always be a reflection of those principles.

 random facts about me…me

I love new socks. I am a published poet. I’ve had 9 surgeries. I have two masters degrees. I am afraid of june bugs. I have worn glasses since the 2nd day of 1st grade. I have double-jointed toes. I cannot see something without picturing how it should be photographed.  I type 130 wpm. I hate juice. The Huskers are always #1. I love to travel. Composite sketches freak me out. I know football. I am a great speller. As a child I had two cats named Butter and Parkay. I’ve spent at least 10 Christmases in Florida. I hate talking on the phone. I think I’m funny (so you should, too).


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