lane || class of ’18

Sometimes younger siblings are overshadowed when an older brother or sister gets married.  Sometimes parents can be consumed by the prepping, planning, and details of a wedding day.  And sometimes, the younger siblings don’t get to shine.  This summer I was blessed to photograph the wedding of maelyn+logan, but I was doubly-blessed to be able to photograph lane, the little brother of the bride, for his senior session.  Lane is such a quiet, funny and talented young man; working with him was a joy!  Thanks to his mom, melissa, for allowing me to work with two of her gorgeous children this summer!  My life has been blessed by getting to know your family better.

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connor || class of 2018

“Onward Huskies, onward Huskies, we will not give in..” This summer I got to spend some time in my high school alma mater working with two different heartland seniors — it was fun to see how some things have changed and others haven’t.  The gym brings back so many memories of high school – the smell, the weight room, the banners – all of it.  I was lucky enough to work with heartland senior, connor (and his mom, dana).  It was so much fun getting to know him and there was never a dull moment.  It seemed that every time I was checking my lighting or testing a setting, connor was sure to tout a silly face or strike a crazy pose.  No, I didn’t include any of those in the preview…I’ll save those for connor.  Thanks again to connor and his mom for choosing me!

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nathan || 2018 senior

Once in awhile I get to photograph one of my students and it is a joy.  I have both taught and coached nathan in a variety of classes and activities, so it was fun to get to laugh and be chill for his senior photo session.  Just know that nathan got muddy and I was swarmed by mosquitoes, but we laughed the whole time!

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meet alyse || class of 2018

When I first met alyse I could sense a fierceness within her quiet, beautiful eyes.  And I was right.  She has a passion for life and she has a creative soul.  I am blessed to have met her and I cannot wait to work with her again next month — more horses and smiles and laughter and fun!  The first senior session was a hour at sunset in the platte river.  It was something I have never done before and I hope to do it again someday!  Thank you for the adventure, alyse (+twyla)…

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maelyn+logan || the wedding

Don’t get me wrong, I love doing weddings.  They are magically beautiful days that are a joy to be a part of.  They are love and laughter and craziness all wrapped up in a whirlwind of a day.  But they are also hours and hours and hours of work after the day is over.  About a year ago I decided to take a hiatus from weddings.  I didn’t know exactly how this chapter would come to a close, but I trusted that I’d know when the time was right.  This time came at the end of last month with the wedding of maelyn+logan.  It was a perfect June day in an amazing church (the one of my childhood) with a fun wedding party and a gorgeous couple.  Thank you, maelyn+logan, for helping me to close this chapter with the perfect wedding.  Many people have already asked me if I will ever do weddings again, and my answer is…maybe.  I’m not saying goodbye to doing them forever, but at least for now. 

And now, the preview gallery for maelyn+logan…I couldn’t help it, it’s a bit larger than any of my other weddings.  What better way to end? #love #appreciation #gratitude

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braxton || class of 2018

One of my favorite things about doing senior photos is trying something new.  I love it when the seniors and their families have fun things for me to try and to experiment with! This was definitely true for braxton — we had fun working with his deer mounts early in the session and then finishing the session by playing with light at the end of the evening.  I’m still editing and experimenting a few more that involve his graduation year – I’ll add those soon if everything goes as planned!  Thanks again to braxton and his parents for allowing me to capture his senior photos!

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maelyn+logan // engaged

It seemed that at one point we would never have this session due to the weather.  And then, it seemed that we may never finish it…!  Yes, sometimes Mother Nature does her own thing and she doesn’t ask me what I want.  And sometimes, it works out even better than I originally planned.  I’d say that’s what happened with the wonderful couple of maelyn+logan.  The first session we had (which had already been rescheduled due to weather) was rained out when we were only partially finished.  This meant that I was going to have the privilege of working with a wonderful couple not once, but twice!  Naturally, as fate would have it, we had to find a second time for the second session, also.  In the end, we ended up with some beautiful fall photos and I got to know a great couple even more!  I’m looking forward to their wedding this summer.  I sincerely hope it doesn’t rain on their wedding day, but I’ve heard that rain can be considered a blessing for a long, happy marriage!  Who knows what the day will bring, but I’m sure it’ll be fantastic!

one year of smiles

It’s not very often that you get to meet a toddler who makes a photo session a breeze! A few weeks ago I had the privilege of meeting a little guy that was full of smiles.  Little man was happy, easy-going and made my work easy!  (I also got to take our annual mother/daughter photo with his mama and sister!  Such a great tradition!)img_1571_2img_1559img_1494img_1506img_1581_bw

ben \\ class of 2017

Sometimes you have to wait for it, but then you finally get the perfect day and setting for a photo session.  That is exactly what happened with ben.  We met on a warm, fall evening and everything was perfect — the weather, the sunshine, the backdrops, the fun, the easy going atmosphere — everything (even the Husker win that day)!  The best sessions, especially senior sessions, are the ones that feel easy.  Thank you to ben and ginny (and courtney) for making this session a memorable one.  Best of luck to you, ben, as you pursue your dreams and enjoy everything life has to offer (even motorcycle tricks).