the friesens

Fun, laid back, and easy to work with.  Those are just a few of the ways I would describe the Friesen family.  I love working with this family because I always know I’ll be smiling when I’m around them.  We had a little bit of extra fun in this session and attempted our own “American Gothic” shot.  Am I Grant Wood (the artist behind the original)?  No way.  But it was fun to play!  Thanks again, dan+darcy – it was great to work with you again!

IMG_1480_2IMG_1528_2 IMG_1519_bw IMG_1513_2 IMG_1503_2IMG_1573IMG_1568IMG_1617_bwIMG_1605IMG_1597IMG_1495_bwIMG_1585IMG_1583IMG_1555_2IMG_1558_bwIMG_1543_2IMG_1425_2IMG_1552_2

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