amanda + eddie // the wedding

Sometimes you can just look at a couple and you see it.  The love, the joy, the way they see one another, they way they breathe differently when they are near one another.  All of these are true for amanda+eddie.  They are a couple that is a joy to be around.  They make me smile and so does their easy going love for one another.  Throughout their wedding day I watched the tears in eddie’s eyes and the smile on amanda’s face and I smiled, every time.  There’s just something that warms your heart when you’re near a couple like this.  Thank you, again, amanda+eddie, for allowing me to be a part of your love story.

IMG_1969IMG_2032IMG_2025IMG_2105IMG_2168IMG_1981_bwIMG_2184_bwIMG_2248IMG_2120IMG_2264IMG_2387IMG_2393IMG_2466IMG_2422IMG_2428IMG_2441IMG_2443IMG_2513IMG_2586IMG_2779_bwIMG_2746IMG_2646IMG_2784IMG_2831IMG_2856_bwIMG_2885_bwIMG_2908_bwIMG_3053IMG_3019_2IMG_2898IMG_3096IMG_3206_bwIMG_3191IMG_3229IMG_3257IMG_3264IMG_3219_bwIMG_3314IMG_3299IMG_3305IMG_3274IMG_3530IMG_3429IMG_3420IMG_3355_2IMG_3705IMG_3716IMG_3833_bwIMG_3828_bwIMG_3837IMG_3944_bwIMG_4053IMG_4038IMG_3141IMG_3132Please tag Calico Creek Photography in all social media posts ~ I sincerely appreciate it!  Also, leave me some love in the comments or on the Facebook page!


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