maelyn+logan // engaged

It seemed that at one point we would never have this session due to the weather.  And then, it seemed that we may never finish it…!  Yes, sometimes Mother Nature does her own thing and she doesn’t ask me what I want.  And sometimes, it works out even better than I originally planned.  I’d say that’s what happened with the wonderful couple of maelyn+logan.  The first session we had (which had already been rescheduled due to weather) was rained out when we were only partially finished.  This meant that I was going to have the privilege of working with a wonderful couple not once, but twice!  Naturally, as fate would have it, we had to find a second time for the second session, also.  In the end, we ended up with some beautiful fall photos and I got to know a great couple even more!  I’m looking forward to their wedding this summer.  I sincerely hope it doesn’t rain on their wedding day, but I’ve heard that rain can be considered a blessing for a long, happy marriage!  Who knows what the day will bring, but I’m sure it’ll be fantastic!


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