maelyn+logan || the wedding

Don’t get me wrong, I love doing weddings.  They are magically beautiful days that are a joy to be a part of.  They are love and laughter and craziness all wrapped up in a whirlwind of a day.  But they are also hours and hours and hours of work after the day is over.  About a year ago I decided to take a hiatus from weddings.  I didn’t know exactly how this chapter would come to a close, but I trusted that I’d know when the time was right.  This time came at the end of last month with the wedding of maelyn+logan.  It was a perfect June day in an amazing church (the one of my childhood) with a fun wedding party and a gorgeous couple.  Thank you, maelyn+logan, for helping me to close this chapter with the perfect wedding.  Many people have already asked me if I will ever do weddings again, and my answer is…maybe.  I’m not saying goodbye to doing them forever, but at least for now. 

And now, the preview gallery for maelyn+logan…I couldn’t help it, it’s a bit larger than any of my other weddings.  What better way to end? #love #appreciation #gratitude

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