connor || class of 2018

“Onward Huskies, onward Huskies, we will not give in..” This summer I got to spend some time in my high school alma mater working with two different heartland seniors — it was fun to see how some things have changed and others haven’t.  The gym brings back so many memories of high school – the smell, the weight room, the banners – all of it.  I was lucky enough to work with heartland senior, connor (and his mom, dana).  It was so much fun getting to know him and there was never a dull moment.  It seemed that every time I was checking my lighting or testing a setting, connor was sure to tout a silly face or strike a crazy pose.  No, I didn’t include any of those in the preview…I’ll save those for connor.  Thanks again to connor and his mom for choosing me!

Feel free to share this post and the images on social media!  Please tag and give credit to Calico Creek Photography in all social media posts.  Thank you!


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