staci+dustin // the wedding

I had the privilege of meeting staci+dustin a couple of years ago at another wedding and fate brought us back together when they spotted me at a wedding fair.  Ironically, I wasn’t even there as a vendor but rather as a big sister!  It turned out that I was available to capture their Easter weekend wedding.  It was such an enjoyable day filled with laughter and fun wedding party members.  Thanks again to staci+dustin for allowing me to be a part of your amazing day!

IMG_3736IMG_3746IMG_3457IMG_3081_2IMG_3138_bwIMG_3092_bwIMG_3211_bwIMG_3224_bwIMG_3276_bwIMG_3256_bwIMG_3156_bwIMG_3403IMG_3340_bwIMG_3356_bwIMG_3375_2IMG_3394IMG_3389IMG_3434_bwIMG_3407_2IMG_3468IMG_3481IMG_3545IMG_3530IMG_3513IMG_3549IMG_3648IMG_3692IMG_3743IMG_3727_bwIMG_3812IMG_3843_bwIMG_3837_2IMG_3854IMG_4036_2IMG_4042_2IMG_4122IMG_4146_2IMG_4153IMG_4165_2IMG_4228_bwIMG_4230_2IMG_4256_2IMG_4265_2IMG_4298IMG_4727IMG_4610_bwIf you like what you see, please leave some love on my Facebook page.

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