melanie + aaron // engaged

When your baby sister (by almost 11 years) gets a shiny ring for Valentine’s Day from the man of her dreams, you know it means two things.  One, you get to help plan a wedding.  And two, you get to be her photographer for part of the process.  As her matron of honor, I’m going to leave my camera at home on the day of her wedding…or at least in the car, so it’s handy if needed.  To her actual wedding photographer, I will do my best to behave and let it be your gig (at least I’ll try).  For now, it’s about the love story of melanie+aaron and the first of their engagement sessions with me.  Since they aren’t getting married until the fall of 2016, we have time to have a little fun in multiple seasons.  Woot!  To my baby sister and the boy who makes her heart go pitter-patter – I love you both!

IMG_6919_2IMG_6707_bwIMG_6544*IMG_6676*IMG_6532*IMG_6789_2IMG_6604_3IMG_6901_2IMG_6597_bwIMG_6910_2IMG_6768_3IMG_6854_2IMG_6701_bwIMG_6922_2IMG_6915_2IMG_6905_bwIMG_6826_2IMG_6724_3IMG_6681*IMG_6646_2IMG_6778_bwIMG_6666*IMG_6733_bw copyIMG_6591*IMG_6634_2IMG_6686*


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