alexa // class of 2016

As a teacher and theatre director I am blessed to work with so many talented kids!  Alexa is definitely one of those gems.  Talented, artistic, passionate, caring, outspoken, intelligent, and beautiful.  I was so excited when she asked me to take her senior photos.  As an accomplished artist, I knew she’d have a unique style and vision.  We laughed as we trekked through the thick weeds and trees – dodging poison ivy and seeing where the path took us.  When May of 2016 arrives, I will be sad to see her leave our hallways, but I know that life holds greatness for her!

IMG_8159_2IMG_8485_2 IMG_8158_3IMG_8168_3IMG_8188_2 IMG_8210_4IMG_8262_3IMG_8426_4IMG_8547_3IMG_8378_2IMG_8235_bwIMG_8187_2IMG_8540_4IMG_8478_4IMG_8458_2IMG_8441_bwIMG_8311_3IMG_8448_2IMG_8122_2IMG_8321_2IMG_8381_3Feel free to share on social media, but please TAG Calico Creek Photography!


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