the bristol family

Personality. Spunk. Giggles. Charm. Freckles.  Just some of the words I could use to describe the three gorgeous children of Shane+Kelsey!  I have been blessed to work with this family a few times and every time it just gets better!  I know how parents are – trust me, I have four kids – they want that pinterest-inspired, perfectly-posed shot of their family.  A photo that captures every smile and wisp of hair perfectly placed.  But let’s be real…those shots are few and far between.  And besides, they can be pretty boring!  I’d rather see the personality of a family – the way they laugh, and talk, and are naturally around one another.  One of my favorite shots (though Kelsey might disagree) is the last one on this blog post.  It shows just how hard a family photo session can be.  Be sure to check out the facial expression of each child as mom and dad smile and hope for the best.  Priceless.IMG_9592_2IMG_9624_2IMG_9419_2IMG_9539_3IMG_9501_2IMG_9480_2IMG_9599_2IMG_9371_2IMG_9375_2IMG_9450_2IMG_9701_3IMG_9687_2IMG_9672IMG_9703_2IMG_9752_4IMG_9718IMG_9522_bw2IMG_9334_3IMG_9397_3IMG_9344IMG_9435_2IMG_9652_2IMG_9649_2IMG_9582_4IMG_9439_2IMG_9319_2IMG_9606_3IMG_9574_2Please tag Calico Creek Photography in all social media posts.  Thank you…and thanks for choosing Calico Creek Photography!


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