ashley + bryon + 3 fur babies

As we all know, everyone’s family looks different.  I’ve worked with an amazing variety of families and I can attest, they all come in different shapes and sizes.  Sometimes, like for ashley+bryon, they come with a house of fur babies.  It doesn’t matter how we define our families or if they’re human or furry – all kids make for an interesting photo session!  This was completely true for ashley+bryon’s session!  When two dogs were behaving, the third was not. And then the same was true in a different order.  In the end I was able to capture at least some of the beauty that these three majestic creatures possessed.  Thank you to ashley+bryon for a great session!

IMG_9869_2IMG_9979_bw IMG_9915_2IMG_9857_2IMG_9875_2IMG_9888_2IMG_9993_2IMG_9890_2IMG_9842_2IMG_9840_2IMG_0079_2IMG_0036_2IMG_9982_2IMG_0091_2Please tag Calico Creek Photography in all social media posts.  Thank you…and thanks for choosing Calico Creek Photography!


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